Editor's Letters (Writing Samples)

The following are my Editor's Letters I wrote for Whispers From Heaven magazine, which had 134,000 subscribers. The magazine was later bought by Guideposts

Magazine description:

Whispers from Heaven is filled with inspirational stories, tales of overcoming adversity, and examples of love, courage, and integrity. From a variety of faiths and backgrounds, stories are written by the magazine's readers and by celebrities. Each bimonthly issue features fine art paintings and beautiful color photography as well as poems, quotes, and short stories. Whispers from Heaven is a magazine that makes people react -- whether they smile, cry, laugh, or think. 


Issue #1  February 1999

Everyone has a story to tell. We want to hear yours! Has something amazing, uplifting, miraculous, or touching happened in your life? We'd love to share it with our readers. Whether it's a lesson learned, an example of virtues in action, the help of an "everyday angel," or an event that can only be described as a miracle, we hope you'll tell us your story.

Every person can share an example of overcoming hard times, reminisce about a generous act, or recall an instance of "divine" intervention. Perhaps it's the story of a boy who sells his most treasured possession to help a friend; a proud, thankful grandmother who celebrates the miraculous birth of her grandson; a dog who teaches his new family lessons about kindness and empathy; or a star basketball player who hits rock bottom but eventually rises back to the top of his game. These are just a few of the stories included in this issue.

We hope that after you've read Whispers from Heaven, you'll want to write about your experiences, too. While we prefer to present stories written in the first-person, if you want to tell a story for someone close to you (with their permission), that's okay, too. Please remember that less is more--you should focus on as few people as possible, and only include details that are important. For more information about submitting stories, please refer to the box on page 47.

Remember, a whisper is soft and subtle, but its message can have a big impact. If we're willing to listen, understand, appreciate, and give, even small acts will affect those around us. We trust that you've heard "whispers" in your life, and we look forward to hearing your stories!


Issue #2  April 1999

Spring is a time of rebirth and transition. As the snow melts and flowers bloom, we feel a renewed sense of anticipation and joy. Once we've passed through the icy bleakness of winter, we appreciate the light and warmth of spring even more. We have similar "winter moments" throughout our lives--times and events through which we struggle, question, and wonder. But then the sun shines again, and we begin to feel renewed. It's then that we realize how much we've grown and learned, and we're able to appreciate the beauty, love, and joy around us even more. We've included many such stories in this issue of Whispers from Heaven.

Riding for charity, a bicyclist at the peak of his career had a dream-shattering accident. Not only did he learn about the depths of his strength, he also discovered how much people really cared for him. A chance encounter with a young girl in Jamaica helped one woman learn that she could be a wonderful mother, even if she couldn't have children of her own. And it took a fire in the inner-city school of one teacher to show him what a powerful impact he was making on his students.

We hope that after you've read Whispers from Heaven, you'll want to share your story, too! Whether it's about a milestone event that changed your life forever or a quiet moment of thought or prayer that led to new insights, we would love to hear about it. For more information on submitting stories, please see the boxes on pages XX and XX.

Enjoy the magic and wonder of spring and everything new it has to offer! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Issue #3  June 1999

Throughout our lives, we encounter people who seem to be "angels on earth," who truly make our lives richer and more fulfilling by their kind words, deep convictions, inner joy, and courageous acts. Not only do they teach us truths about ourselves, they make us feel better about who we are and what we can become. We're profiling many such people in this issue of Whispers from Heaven.

Fred Rogers is beloved by both children and adults for his kindness, sense of fun, and belief in the power and goodness of young people. Morrie Schwartz was a professor who, in the midst of dying, taught his final student inspirational lessons about life. Another teacher, Sister Mrosla, helped her students see the best in themselves and each other when they needed it most.

Of course parents are usually the most important influences in our lives, and we're highlighting some remarkable moms and dads in this issue, in "Raising the Light of Liberty," "Marking the Trail," "Sports Mom," and "Dandelion Dreams." Their stories are sure to lift your spirits.

Our spirits have been lifted by the many readers who have sent their stories to us. We appreciate how many of you are willing to share such personal, heartfelt tales of angelic encounters, overcoming adversity, and other miraculous events in your lives. If you're interested in writing to us, please see the information on pages 14 and 54. We also hope you'll take our Reader's Survey on page 59, so we can continue to make this magazine everything you want it to be.

May the stories in this issue of Whispers from Heaven be an inspiration to you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Issue #4  August 1999

Our everyday lives are often filled with a blur of activities, even in the summer. We're so busy running from place to place, focusing on what we need to do next, we forget to stop and appreciate all the wonderful blessings that surround us. The smell of a freshly bloomed lilac bush; the rush of a cool evening breeze; sitting on a porch swing, talking with a friend; playing an impromptu baseball game in the backyard...these are just a few of the simple, genuine pleasures that summer has to offer. The rich variety of textures in our lives--hot sun and cold lemonade, billowing clouds and tiny insects, the sound of laughter and the stillness of silence--are blessings we can enjoy everyday, if we just open ourselves up to them.

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we've included many stories about people who recognized blessings--large and small--all around them. One woman describes how she learned to hear God in the story "When Angels Kiss." A father wrote "In Praise of the Ordinary" after his daughter's illness awakened him to the precious joys of their time together. "Transplanted" is about a man who was given two gifts of life--one on earth and another in heaven. And "Roses from Joe" tells of the special bond that blossoms between friends through each of the seasons of life.

Many of the stories in this issue were submitted to us by Whispers readers. If you have an inspirational story of your own, please see pages 13 and 51 for information about submitting it. We hope that this issue of Whispers from Heaven inspires you to reflect on all the blessings in your life. You've certainly been a blessing to us!


Issue #5  October 1999

The poet John Donne said that "no man is an island." Each person is affected by others every day--family, friends, coworkers, even strangers. Think about how much a kind smile from a passing stranger can lift your spirits, perhaps inspiring you to smile at the next person you see. If you're feeling troubled or have a big decision to make, it helps to talk it through with a friend. At work, each person has different responsibilities, but we all work together as a team in order to succeed. All of us are interconnected by a great human web, relying on and affecting each other.

We at Whispers from Heaven rely on you, our readers. Your feedback, suggestions, comments, and words of encouragement are vitally important to us--you are the heart and soul of this magazine. We were overjoyed at the responses we received from our recent Reader Survey. The ideas and information you provided will help us make this magazine even more enriching and rewarding. Many people told us how much they are touched by the stories; other people offered suggestions for improvement. Whatever the comment, we are thankful that you took the time to write us.

We are constantly amazed at how many generous readers share their personal stories with us--stories of heartbreak and hope, of hurt and healing. You'll find some of those stories in this issue. (To send in your own story, see pages XX and XX.)

If you are moved, inspired, encouraged, or uplifted, then we've done what we set out to do. And by letting us know how this magazine has affected you, you in turn inspire us.

Thank you!


Issue #6  December 1999

As you can see, Whispers from Heaven has a brand-new format. After looking over the hundreds of letters and survey responses we received from our readers, we've made a number of changes, and we hope you'll enjoy them.

First and foremost, we'll no longer include advertising. Many readers told us they did not want ads to distract them from the stories, so we've taken out the advertisements and added even more pages to fill with the stories you love. Starting with this issue, we'll also include poetry written by readers (along with stories), and we hope you'll be as inspired by it as we have been.

Because Whispers is a magazine many people carry along with them, we've made the format even more portable. It's easier than ever to slip Whispers into your purse or pocket and pull it out whenever you need a little inspiration.

We want to know what you think of all the changes we've made--we're excited about them, and we hope you will be, too. Our other new feature is a Letters to the Editor column, because we want your voice to be heard. So please drop us a line.

While the format of Whispers from Heaven has changed, our aim and purpose remain the same: We want to uplift your spirit, calm your soul, and raise your eyes and ears to all things heavenly.


Issue #7  February 2000

In the month of February, many people focus on celebrations of love. They buy flowers and cards, make dinner reservations, and use the opportunity of a romantically inclined holiday to share their heartfelt feelings. But, as we know, and as many of the stories in Whispers from Heaven illustrate, love is too important to be expressed only on special occasions.

In this issue of Whispers, we've included a variety of love-themed stories. Some focus on the love between parents and children, while others demonstrate the bond of love between friends. One reader shares his humorous journey to find a spouse, while another praises her husband for his kindness and heroism. We're also including stories about love of God, of strangers, and--in one case--even of God's non-human creatures.

If you've got a story you'd like to share (whether it's about love or not), we hope you'll send it our way. Please see the boxes on pages XX and XX for information about submitting your story. We also want to get your feedback--if you found a story especially moving or you've got a comment you'd like to share, please let us know. We're always thrilled to hear from our readers.

In the meantime, we hope the stories and sentiments in this issue will uplift and inspire you. As it says in Corinthians 13:13: "And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love."


Issue #8  April 2000

The image of a flower bursting through the snow is one we recognize as a symbol of hope. We miss the vibrant flowers while they're buried beneath the cold blanket of winter snow, but we eagerly anticipate the burst of glorious blooms we know will greet us in the spring.

Our lives often follow a similar cycle. The process of working through trials and conquering obstacles allows us to learn what we're really made of. We can dig down deep within ourselves and then delight in discovering strengths, talents, or abilities we didn't know we even had. We may not understand why something is happening at the time, but often we can reflect back and see how a challenging situation helped to prune and shape us into the person we've since become.

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we've included several stories that highlight difficult journeys or events and the inspiring outcomes they eventually produced. If you've got a story that you'd like to share, whether it recounts a journey of faith, a message of hope, or a lesson that you have learned, please see the information on page XX to see how to send it to us.

Have a wonderful, joyous spring! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Issue #9  June 2000

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we honor and celebrate our heroes at home and on the home front. You'll read about a stepmom who dedicates herself to being a guardian angel to her husband's children. A grateful son shares a candid story about his single mom's efforts to help him learn to tie his necktie. And a special Memorial Day story about a little boy marching for his grandfather in the holiday parade will fill your heart with pride.

We've also included plenty of inspiring stories about people learning to love and to overcome the realities of everyday life. One youngster learns a life lesson picking blueberries, and a woman comes to understand her childhood when asked to give her father's eulogy. If you've got a story that you'd like to share, we would love to hear it. Please see pages 26 and 61 for contributor information.

It's a great time to celebrate our faith and to delight in the beauty of the flourishing out-of-doors. Take a moment every day to rejoice in all that nature offers. As always, thank you for being such wonderful, faithful readers. We genuinely appreciate your feedback and input. May all your holiday festivities overflow with love and joy!


Issue #10  August 2000

We've all heard the adage "little things mean a lot." In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we've included a number of stories in which this is the central theme. These stories show that you don't need fame or fortune to make a difference--all you need is the willingness to smile, listen, and give from the heart.

In "Martha & Me," a woman learns that the best way she can support her ailing friend is to simply be there for her. In another story, a man discovers "The true meaning of charity" when his father's decades of good deeds come to light. "Maya's Smile" illustrates how the reassuring smile of one little girl can make a huge impact on the people around her. And in "Life's Recipes," a driven young woman is able to reconnect with what's important thanks to a small but loving gift from her wise grandmother.

We enjoyed these stories because they reminded us that anyone, no matter their age or status, has the potential to make an impact in another person's life. We don't need to try to transform the world, but we can all practice small acts of kindness and generosity that will make a world of difference.


Issue #11  October 2000

Throughout this issue of Whispers from Heaven--in addition to heartwarming stories about prayers, neighbors, love, and miracles--you'll find a wide variety of stories about children and the people whose lives are touched by them.

One teacher recalls how she reached out to a troubled student in need and learned some important lessons in the process. A disabled woman gives thanks for the many "kids" in her life who help her out each day. And a son recalls how he risked the ultimate sacrifice when he pledged to honor his father, no matter what.

Three stories in this issue highlight the topic of adoption and show the amazing love and courage of everyone involved. And in another story, a woman discusses her experience with cancer as a teenager and describes how her faith in God helped to give her strength throughout her ordeal.

We hope you'll be inspired by these stories, whether you're a youngster by age or at heart. If you'd like to share your own story with us, please see the information on page XX.

As always, thanks for reading Whispers from Heaven. Have a beautiful, blessed autumn!


Issue #12  December 2000

During the frantic holiday season, it's easy to get caught up in the seemingly endless list of tasks that need to be done. One of the most time-consuming is shopping. During this time of giving, we often exhaust our energy (and pocketbooks!) searching for presents. With so many gifts to buy, it may seem daunting to add "strangers" to your holiday list. But in this issue of Whispers from Heaven, you may be inspired by our stories about people whose generosity of spirit had a tremendous impact--often in the lives of people they didn't even know.

One financially strapped single mother receives a welcome surprise from a family she'd never met before. Another woman returns an expensive gift that was mistakenly mailed to her and reaps a bounty of unexpected rewards. And a household packed with 24 people is joyfully overwhelmed by the kindness of local merchants.

A common theme in many of this issue's stories is the act of "passing it on." One small act of kindness leads to another, and soon the "ripple effect" is in full force. While this is a good lesson to remember all year, it seems especially important at holiday time. We never know how much impact one "small" gift might have.

Happy Holidays!


Issue #13  February 2001

Faith, hope, and love are braided together, most notably in 1 Corinthians 13:13. All three actions require the willingness to trust, a focus on the future, and a belief in the best possible outcome. In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we're presenting a wide variety of stories that illustrate hope, love, and--especially--faith.

As the lone medical practitioner for a tribe of Native Americans, a young woman's faith guides her through a frightening ordeal. An abused single mother finds that her life--like her rose garden--blooms anew once she trusts God to guide her. A grandmother's faith and determination ensure that her granddaughter's potential disability doesn't hold her back. And after losing an unborn child, a grieving mother believes that God will answer her prayers and restore her hope of having a family.

These are just a few of the many uplifting stories you will find in this issue. If you have your own story to share, we would love to read it (please see the information on page XX). Whether it's about your faith in God, the triumph of love, or the unending power of hope, each person's story is inspirational in its own way. Thank you, as always, for sharing your stories with us.


Issue #14  April 2001

As we travel through life, we encounter a wide variety of people. Most pass unnoticed, but some pause and make a lasting difference. We connect with them in such a profound way that whether we become lifelong friends or we never meet again, they have forever touched our hearts and lives.

Many stories in this issue highlight the difference a person can make when we open our heart to them. In "Making Music, Making Friends," a woman pays tribute to a violin maker who taught her about music and life. The author of "Three Cheers for Luther" recalls the impact a few acts of kindness had on the shy new boy in school. "Shuggie" reminds us not to assume we understand someone simply by the way they look. And in "The Prayer Basket," the author stretches his heart by praying for a family he's never met.

In the story "New Places, New Traditions," we learn a great lesson about reaching out and connecting with others. The author of that story, Margaret Anne Huffman, was very special to us here at Whispers from Heaven, and we mourn her recent passing. Through her stories, she illustrated to us the true importance of family and friends. She will be deeply missed.


Issue #15  June 2001

It's that time of year when we celebrate those who gave us life and those who've protected our lives. In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we're honoring moms and dads; the brave men and women who dedicated themselves to protecting and serving their country; and everyday heroes such as grandparents, friends, and even strangers who help and inspire us in a variety of ways.

In this issue's first story, "Searching Normandy," the author reflects on the courageous soldiers who gave their lives in World War II and wonders, "What contribution will I make?" In "Baskets of Hope," a woman recalls how, while living in a refugee camp, her grandfather taught her to be resourceful and never lose hope. In "The Night Francine Left for College," a father tries to maintain a cool exterior when his daughter leaves home, but his tender heart is revealed. "The Jericho Road Downtown" reminds us that even a small act of kindness, such as offering food to a hungry man, is a powerful gesture. And AI See the Spring" tells of one woman's experience teaching a vision-impaired boy, who truly helped her to see.

We hope the stories in this issue will inspire you as much as they've inspired us.


Issue #16  August 2001

As summer draws to a close and hints of autumn fill the air, we are mindful that it is a time of transition. Students start preparing for another year of school, blooming gardens make way for orange leaves, and a season of outdoor fun begins its passage into a season of gathering indoors around the fireplace.

All of this reminds us of the transitions we go through in our lives. One story in this issue of Whispers from Heaven that illustrates this is "Front Porch Petunias," in which the author reflects on a home that no longer includes her beloved son or the family dog. In "Ask and Then Act," a man in his fifties faces an uncertain transition when he is laid off from his job. The author of "Finding the Good" struggles to heal after his mother's sudden passing. And in "You Can't Stay Young Forever," a 65-year-old man learns to come to terms with his age.

Just as the seasons change, so do our lives. And if we're willing to move forward and have faith that the future can be even better than the past, then we have nothing to fear.


Issue #17  October 2001

What would we do without friends? They support us when we're falling, cheer with us when we celebrate, hold us when we need comforting, and laugh with us in our times of joy. Whether we need advice, companionship, or a shoulder to lean on, there's no more valuable treasure than a faithful friend.

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we've included a variety of friendship stories. The author of "A Delicate Balance" pays tribute to a friend who lends support through her wisdom and her faith. "A Wink From a Friend" tells of two women who determine that even death won't separate them. In "Lessons of faith and Courage," the author is inspired by the optimistic attitudes of her friend and ailing husband. And "A Doctor's Promise," "Compassionate Enemy," and "A Bonding Experience" show that friendships can spring up even under the most unexpected circumstances.

We hope the stories in this issue of Whispers will be an inspiring reminder of all the friendships in your own life. As John 15:13 (NRSV) says, "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends."


Issue #18  December 2001

This year, more than ever, it's important for us to reflect on and be thankful for our abundance of blessings: the love of family, the companionship of friends, the kindness of strangers, the freedom of being an American. Every smile, every hug, every sunrise, every breath are precious moments to be treasured. During this frantic holiday season, if you start to feel burdened by stress, sit down and take a few minutes to reflect on all you're thankful for. Counting your blessings is certain to rekindle your joyful holiday spirit.

A number of stories in this issue of Whispers from Heaven illustrate the power of gratitude. In "Lula's Turkeys," a woman who struggles against impossible odds never forgets to notice the miracles right in front of her. The author of "Missing God's Gifts," a father with three daughters who have grown up and moved away, learns to see the good in what first seemed like unhappy situations. And in "Somebody Say Amen," the author's grateful heart overflows when he's given an unexpected gift.

We have so much to be thankful for. Let us never forget.


Issue #19  February 2002

At the beginning of each new year, many people resolve to make life-altering changes: to quit smoking, lose weight, read more books, watch less TV. But even if those resolutions are history by February, there's no need to give up hope. As many stories in this issue of Whispers from Heaven show, people's lives can be transformed at any time or place.

In "The Carolina Warning," a couple on vacation turn their lives around after following the advice of a police officer. The author of "Count Your Blessings" recalls how she and her husband changed their lives by changing their attitudes. In "A Talk With God," a young man learns how God speaks through people to affect the lives of those willing to listen. And in "A Whisper in the Wind," a lonely young wife accepts an opportunity to turn her grief into neighborly compassion.

We hope that the stories in this issue will inspire you. If you've got your own story to tell, we would love to hear it. (Please see the information on pages XX and XX.) It's your stories of courage, miracles, and faith that are always inspiring to us.


Issue #20  April 2002

No matter our circumstances, one thing all of us can do is serve other people. Whether you give of your time, your income, your talents, or your heart, each of us is capable of making a positive difference in the lives of those around us.

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we're highlighting many stories of people who illustrate the true meaning of service. "Anyone Can Be a Philanthropist" explains that it's just as important to give compassion and kindness as it is to donate money. In "Grace Notes," a woman explains how she ministers to others by sending cards and letters. The author of "Rainy Day Soup" learns the importance of serving all God's children--even those who don't seem to appreciate it. And in "A Feast of Generosity," a missionary realizes that even those lacking in material goods still have much to give.

We hope the stories in this issue will inspire you as you serve the people around you. It's when we reach out and give to others that we find our greatest rewards.


Issue #21  June 2002

Often in life we're faced with circumstances we cannot control, such as physical injury, loss of a loved one, or sudden unemployment. In these situations, the only thing we can control is our reaction. Will we allow ourselves to become angry or depressed? Or will we focus on the good and trust that God has our best interests in mind?

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, many people share stories of how they changed their lives by changing their perspective. In "Bracing Up," a woman forced to slow down by a disability learns to appreciate the more relaxed pace of her life. The author of "A Dawning" changes her focus from the negative to the many blessings she has. In "The Bridge to Forgiveness," a young girl learns to think of a bullying classmate in a positive way. And in "The Car Thief," a reformed criminal realizes he can use his "talents" for good.

We hope you'll be inspired and uplifted by the stories you read here. Remember that, in order to see a rainbow, first you have to get through the storm.


Issue #22  August 2002

Coincidences...chance encounters...luck. That's how many people describe strange and seemingly inexplicable things that happen. But once the big picture becomes more clear, the hand of God shows through, and we can glimpse the divine orchestration that has been at work all along.

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, many stories focus on an event or encounter that only makes sense when seen as an act of divine intervention. In "God's Guiding Hand," the author gets lost on a familiar road and ends up having an unexpected--and very special--visit with her family. As a printer builds his business in "Use Your Talents for the Lord," his prayers are answered in ways more amazing than he had expected. And the author of "Spanish Eyes" has a chance meeting with someone who gives comfort to her family when they need it most.

As you focus on the hand of God in your own life, relax and know that he is in charge. While things might not make sense at the time--and we may never fully understand why certain things occur--knowing that God is in control should help to ease your mind, lessen your burdens, and give you an uplifting sense of hope.


Issue #23  October 2002

One of the most basic human needs, along with food, water, and shelter, is a connection with other people. Whether that means talking to a loved one during times of crisis, relaxing and having fun with a friend, or touching the life of a stranger in need, reaching out and connecting with others is a vital part of life.

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we've included many stories about making connections. In Jimmy, a troubled student forms a bond with his English teacher, who helps to turn his life around. The author of Pat's Torch pays tribute to a woman who gave him hope while he was imprisoned. Connection by Candlelight tells of a busy family who gets an unexpected chance to reconnect. And in The Heart of a Hero, a young girl learns a lesson in friendship from a very special neighbor.

We hope you'll connect with us by sending us letters or stories. (Please see page XX for information.) We always enjoy hearing from our readers--after all, the main priority of Whispers from Heaven is making a connection with you.


Issue #24  December 2002

This time of year, gifts are on everyone's minds. But not all gifts are wrapped in paper and bows. Friendship, hope, attention, kindness, acceptance, and love are also given in abundance as those inspired by the holiday spirit pass their blessings on.

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we've included a variety of stories about people who gave to loved ones, acquaintances, and sometimes even strangers. In "Christmas Cookies," a struggling single mother of six receives an unexpected bounty from the people around her. "The Giving Project" describes how one company came together to change the lives of a family in need. In "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread," the author takes a homeless man to lunch and recalls many kind gifts that she had been given over the years. And in "A Golden Gift," a resourceful young boy uses his skills to come up with a gift fit for an emperor.

What all these stories show is that you don't need a lot of money or time to give a meaningful, even life-changing, gift. All you need to do is reach out with an open heart.


Issue #25  February 2003

Throughout our lives, we encounter obstacles, challenges, and hardships. Things may not go according to our plans, or we might be forced to deal with a painful or difficult situation. Even if we can't control the events in our lives, we can control our attitude and how we choose to react. Will we get angry or depressed? Will we grumble and complain? Or will we hope for the best and ask God to guide us through trials and tribulations?

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we've included a number of stories in which people deal with unexpected situations in a positive way. In "The Bus Choir," a group in transit during the busy holiday season makes the best of an unplanned detour. The young woman in "A Positive Prescription" is devastated when she fails an important class, but then learns lessons that change her life for the better. And in "A Picture of Forgiveness" an unexpected encounter brings out a wife's true colors--and she shines.

We hope these stories and the others in Whispers from Heaven will lift your spirits and inspire you. No matter what you might face, with hope and faith you'll be able to handle whatever comes your way.


Issue #26  April 2003

There are times in our lives when things seem bleak, and we get trapped in a cycle of sadness and self-doubt. It might be after the loss of a loved one, a time when money is especially tight, or a period when it just seems nothing's going right. God often uses these times to send a person or turn of events our way to remind us just how fortunate we are.

In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we've included a number of stories in which people who are lonely, grieving, or struggling go through a circumstance that turns their life around or encounter a stranger who changes their perspective. In "Something to Be Thankful For," a mom dealing with a drug-addicted daughter meets an inspiring senior citizen who leads her to have a more positive outlook on life. After a second painful divorce, a "city girl" goes back to her parents' farm and finds her enthusiasm and love of family restored in A156 Bales of Hay." And in "Heaven-Sent Song," an unhappy woman learns that God reaches out in various ways--sometimes through a simple, familiar hymn.

We hope these stories and the others in this issue will provide hope and inspiration in your life, whether things are already good or you're waiting for them to get better.


Issue #27  May 2003

Words can have a powerful impact, but actions truly make a difference. While it's one thing to speak about morals, courage, and living by faith, it's quite another to practice them in daily life. In this issue of Whispers from Heaven, we've included many stories about people who "practice what they preach." From displays of unconditional love to triumph over harrowing odds, the everyday heroism in these stories serves as an example to us all.

In "A Hero for Our Times," the author describes the inspiring attitude and perseverance of actor Christopher Reeve. "Potato Salad & Love" pays tribute to a father's words of wisdom and how they came to life through the loving way he lived. The author of "It All Depends on How You Look at It" learns a valuable lesson in friendship when she's taught to "see with her heart." And in "Checks and Balances," a tithing couple in financial trouble is blessed when they keep their promise to God.

For those of you who help make the world a better place--whether you're a mother, father, soldier, teacher, firefighter, police officer, or nurse--we salute you and thank you for the wonderful example you set for others every day.



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